Sell your stuff

Sell Your Technology

As a seller of open-box and resale tech merchandise, 4th Dimension is always looking to buy used or open-box tech products.

We are particularly interested in computers - desktops, servers, laptops, notebooks, etc., as well as tablets and smart-phones (such as iPads and iPhones, Samsung, etc.) in good to excellent working condition. We may also buy some peripherals, such as hard drives, some printers, and some networking equipment. The amount we pay is based on market factors and item condition. In most cases, we pay more than the on-line internet buyers and local pawn shops. Feel free to get a price from them before you talk to us.

At Our Store

If you can get to Olympia, WA, we encourage you bring the items you wish to sell into our store for evaluation. After agreeing on a price, we will usually make the purchase immediately and pay you on the spot. If there are merchandise or services you wish to purchase from us you may have store credit issued instead.

In most cases we can give you a price while you wait. However, due to timing issues or complexities, some cases may take longer. If you are traveling some distance you may want to call ahead and arrange a specific time for one of our staff to work with you. If we are unable to give you a price immediately, or if you can't wait, you may leave the items and if we can agree on a price at a later time, we can make arrangement to get payment to you.

Remote Submission

If you live out of the area and wish to have us give you a price, please send an email to Include a description of the item (2), model and serial numbers, condition; note any damage and missing parts, and any accessories. Please include your name and a contact phone if possible. We will email back an estimate or call you with questions.

Damaged Item Purchases

Upon evaluation we may purchase damaged items, such as laptops with broken screens or bad hard drives. This may require leaving the items for enough time for our staff to perform an evaluation and calculate a purchase price for the item(s). Damaged items or those requiring repair will understandably command a lesser price. Some items that cannot be repaired or are not worth repairing may still be purchased for parts. Some items will have no value to us and we will simply offer to recycle or return the items in this event.