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Selling and Trading Technology

Introduction to Our Services

Welcome to our world of technology solutions at 4th Dimension Computers & Technology. As a local, veteran-owned business, we’ve dedicated over two decades to serving the communities of Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater, and the surrounding areas. Our commitment is unwavering when it comes to providing exceptional computer service in Olympia WA. With a comprehensive range of services from sales, trades, service, repair, recycling, and more, we aim to be your go-to for all things tech.

Selling and Trading Technology

Sell or Trade Your Tech

Got tech that’s gathering dust? Give your old gadgets a new lease on life by selling or trading them with us. We pride ourselves on offering a platform where technology finds new owners or purposes. This not only contributes to sustainability but also gives you the chance to upgrade your setup with the newest tech available.

Why Choose Us for Your Tech Needs?

We boast the largest selection of computers, peripherals, parts, and accessories in the Olympia region. Our inventory is meticulously curated to meet the needs of our diverse clientele, from gaming enthusiasts to professional users. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or trade, we’ve got you covered.

Service and Repair Excellence

Diagnosis and Solutions

Our expert staff are at the forefront of diagnosing your technology issues. We understand the inconvenience of tech troubles, which is why our team is committed to offering speedy, reliable repairs and upgrades. From software glitches to hardware upgrades, we ensure your tech is in top shape.

Transparency in Service

We value our customers’ time and trust. That’s why we provide an efficient way to check the status of your service request, keeping you informed every step of the way. Our aim? To ensure you’re never left in the dark when it comes to your service needs.

Recycling Old Technology

At 4th Dimension Computers & Technology, we’re not just about selling and servicing tech; we’re also about preserving our planet. We encourage you to bring in your old technology for recycling. While we don’t accept monitors and printers, almost all other tech is welcome. Together, we can make a difference in reducing electronic waste.

What Our Customers Say

Mary, a valued member of our team, has been highlighted by many of our customers for her laser engraving expertise. This goes beyond our standard offerings and showcases our commitment to providing unique and personalized services. The satisfaction and trust of our customers stand testament to our dedication to excellence in the computer service realm in Olympia WA.

In-Store Deals for Students and Grads

We believe in supporting the next generation of tech enthusiasts and professionals. That’s why we offer special in-store deals for students and graduates. Whether you’re preparing for a new semester or embarking on your career journey, we have deals that will ensure you’re well-equipped without breaking the bank.

Our Operating Hours

Our doors are open from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, and Saturdays from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. Closed on Sundays, our team takes this time to recharge and prepare for another week of dedicated service. We invite you to visit us and experience firsthand our commitment to customer satisfaction and tech solutions.

A Partner for Your Technology Needs

Choosing 4th Dimension Computers & Technology means partnering with a team that’s as passionate about technology as you are. With years of experience and a dedication to the communities we serve, we remain committed to providing the best computer service in Olympia WA. From sales to service, and everything in between, we’re here to ensure your technology serves you well, now and into the future.

Why Should You Choose Us for Your Tech Needs?

At 4th Dimension Computers & Technology, we understand how integral technology is to daily life, whether for work, education, or leisure. Our dedication to providing a wide range of services, from sales to repairs, sets us apart. For instance, imagine you’re a gaming enthusiast looking to upgrade your setup. You won’t just find the latest gaming rigs with us, but you can also trade in your old gear, ensuring it finds a new home rather than ending up in a landfill. Our focus on sustainability, combined with our extensive selection and expertise, ensures we meet your needs while supporting environmental responsibility.

How Can You Responsibly Recycle Your Old Technology With Us?

Recycling old technology is a concern for many, given the environmental impact of electronic waste. At 4th Dimension Computers & Technology, we encourage you to bring your outdated or unused tech for responsible disposal. Though we can’t take everything — monitors and printers, for example, are outside our scope due to specific recycling requirements — we accept a broad range of items. This initiative helps reduce electronic waste and supports sustainability. We’re here to guide you through what can be recycled and suggest alternatives for items we cannot accept. It’s a step towards making a difference in our environmental footprint, one device at a time.

What Makes Our Repair Services Stand Out?

When you encounter a tech issue, it can be a significant inconvenience, leading to lost time and productivity. Our approach to service and repair at 4th Dimension Computers & Technology is centered on speed, reliability, and transparency. Our expert team has the skills to diagnose problems quickly and offer solutions, whether it’s a hardware upgrade or fixing a software glitch. We keep you in the loop throughout the repair process with an efficient status update system. This commitment to communication ensures you’re never left wondering about the progress of your repair, setting us apart in the computer service sector in Olympia, WA.

How Do Our Special Deals Benefit Students and Grads?

Education and technology go hand in hand in today’s world, but the cost of tech can be a barrier for students and recent graduates. At 4th Dimension Computers & Technology, we recognize the importance of access to technology for educational success. That’s why we offer special in-store deals for students and grads, helping equip them with essential tech without breaking the bank. Whether you’re preparing for a new semester or starting a new job, our deals are designed to ensure you have the tools you need. It’s our way of supporting the next generation of tech enthusiasts and professionals.

Why Is Customer Satisfaction Important to Us?

Customer satisfaction isn’t just a buzzword for us at 4th Dimension Computers & Technology; it’s at the heart of everything we do. We see our customers as partners in technology, whether they’re coming in for a simple repair or looking for a complete system upgrade. The positive feedback we’ve received, such as the praise for Mary’s laser engraving expertise, fuels our commitment to excellence. We strive to create a welcoming environment where every customer’s need is addressed with care and precision. After all, happy customers are the backbone of our local, veteran-owned business, guiding our approach to service and community involvement.

Do you have more questions or need clarification on our services? Feel free to leave a comment or question, and we’ll be happy to engage with you further!


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