Meet the Owners

4th Dimension Owners
Garnet, Maxi and Mary

Garnet Mays, Owner & President

Garnet is a veteran with over 20 years of experience in the technology industry.  Of those years he has collectively worked for 4th Dimension 12 years with half of those years in the service manager role.  This company has been a part of him for a very long time and so it was only natural that he would jump at the opportunity to own it and ultimately make it his own in 2019.  Garnet’s vision for the future is continuing to grow 4th Dimension into new arenas and ensuring that this is the one stop computer store for your needs.

Mary Mays, Owner & Vice President

Mary is new to the technology arena but not to business management.  Before entering into business with Garnet she held a management position in a local bakery for 7 years.  She focuses on business operations and growing the laser engraving aspect of the business.  Her vision for 4th Dimension is to evolve with the ever changing world of technology and create new ways for the company to be in that market.

Mary received a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Sciences with a concentration in Business, Economics, and Sociology from Washington State University.

Maxi, Shop Dog

Maxi is a 3 year old Olde English Bulldog who is shy but if you give her the chance she will greet you on her terms.  She looks like a big brute but she is the sweetest girl you will ever meet.  Maxi loves to play with her toys and nap on her bed in the office.

Lucy, Shop Dog

Lucy is a vivacious Olde English Bulldog puppy who is very vocal. She will come up and greet you enthusiastically and is always up to some sort of shenanigans. She loves playing with toys and annoying her sister.

Tow Olde English BullDogge

About 4th Dimension Computers

4th Dimension Computers & Technology has been providing excellent computer retail support and service for over 20 years in Thurston County. We have a knowledgeable staff of technology enthusiasts and trained professionals and have maintained partnerships through programs with notable IT suppliers including Microsoft, Intel, AMD and Dell.

We have the largest inventory of computer products in the area and we have the experience to get the job done. 4th Dimension has serviced over 100,000 computers and built over 12,000.

We have a commitment to customer service. You can expect fast, friendly service and a fun and enjoyable shopping experience. Businesses can expect one-stop shopping, with fast and efficient solutions to your technology needs.

Easy to Buy

We make it easy to buy at 4th Dimension. We take all major credit cards. Unlike most places, we take trade-ins of late model systems and may buy them outright. We offer multiple financing options based on the purchase price, on approval of credit. Just ask one of our friendly sales staff, and they can help you with this process. Get pre-approved now with no credit needed.

Being Green

4th Dimension was an early leader in the 3 R&s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Prior to any organized electronics recycling program, 4D provided a means for customers to drop off used systems, resulting in the re-use of much of the systems.